Why web-en?

 -  Good looks: a selection of beautiful templates to choose from

-   Easy to use: drag and drop system is user-friendly for non-techies!

 -  Low cost: our standard designs start at £10.99 a month

 -  No risk: web-en is free to try; only upgrade when you're ready

 -  Flexibility: want to upgrade? Our designers can create a bespoke site


What is web-en.net?

web-en.net is a simple, easy-to-use tool enabling you to create beautifully designed, professional websites quickly, and without fuss. No need to be intimidated by computer or technical speak; the system has been designed for normal people with a non-technical background!

Is it really that simple?

Yes! When you sign up, you will be guided through steps to build your website structure and design. Once you have everything in place, adding content is a breeze using our specially-designed drag and drop editor.

What is a drag and drop editor?

Create your site in minutes with our easy drag and drop system, allowing you to see what you website looks like as you are creating it. If you want to add a title or a paragraph, simply drag this on to your page and type. Immediately, you will see what your visitors also see.

How much does it cost?

You can try for free without any payment or credit cards required. If you like the service, then you can upgrade your site. See here for more cost details.

What does a package include?

For a set-up fee of just £25.99 and a monthly fee of £10.99, you receive:
a free doman (.com or .co.uk)
an email address
an email forward
ongoing license fees
upgrades and features
use of any of the standard templates
hosting for one website

Who created web-en.net?

web-en.net has been created for small and medium-sized businesses in the health and wellbeing sector, and is the brain-child of Satvada Ltd, who have been running online magazine yoga-abode.com since 2006.